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Supernatural, Action/Adventure

The Heart of Nowhere

Awareness Media, LLC

Entertainment on Purpose

Feature Films, Television & Documentaries

Along with 12 other aid workers, one of their own is needlessly murdered and returns from the other side to help prevent the killing of aid workers and a top humanitarian leader who have been kidnapped in The Heart of Nowhere. A supernatural, action/adventure takes us deep inside the hotspots of Africa where witchcraft and animism abound as aid workers risk their own lives struggling to help so many in desperate need.

*Seeking: Financing and Distribution*

Musical Comedy/Drama 

The Accidental Club

A washed up pop star dies of an accidental overdose and ends up in the Accidental Club with the likes of Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse. She wins angel of the month and returns to earth for one last performance for her faithful fans. Will she wake up? Will we?




Buffalo Soldier

NAACP Best New Play of 1995

Based on real events, in 1874, three soldiers of the “all negro” tenth cavalry go on a suicide mission to establish an outpost in the heart of Comanche territory. The soldiers capture Chief Quanah Parker, one of the most wanted renegades and quickly realize they will never get out of the ravine alive. As the night grows darker, the life and death stakes get higher. In a gunfight, the soldiers come to death blows. Wymo wins the fight, releases the Chief and together they depart.

*Seeking: Finance and Distribution*


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