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Edge of Sanity

Deniable Man

Revelations of a Counterterrosit

Murderous Minds
The Psychological Autopsy

For the first time, the fascinating scientific procedure known as the Psychological Autopsy takes us inside the minds and lives of the most dangerous, violent and deadly individuals that walk the earth to discover who they are, where they come from and how to stop them

...and the audience decides what to do with them.

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Entertainment on Purpose

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Silver Linings
Composing a Life 
A New TV Series on Positive Aging

10,000 Amerians are turning 65 every day with the same trend occuring globally. Silver Linings is a captivating new TV series of philosophy, sociology, spirituality and growth  about Positive Aging. Telling stories of success and failure, new learning, resilience and adaptation, we discover all are stepping stones on the path of a great life. Revealing a world of possibilities with a host of experts, captures a fascinating moment in history. Offering a dynamic conversation, rich with insight and hope, the audience will discover how to compose a refreshing and extraordinary later life, always trying to find the Silver Linings.


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Life and Death
Living Fully, Dying Well
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When we prepare now to cross the final threshold of Life in the future with courage and illumination, we enrich every day we live in this world. Life and Death - Living Fully, Dying Well is a compelling examination of consciously embracing our own mortality at this moment in order to allow ourselves to live life more fully at any age. When we actively join with our inevitable mortality at this time, we can more deeply experience life with fearlessness, joy, grace and being fully alive.

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Entertainment on Purpose

Keep Her Safe
Inside the Mind of the Batterer
Preventing Violence Against Women and Children
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It is extremely difficult to be violent toward another human being, let alone toward someone we love. Violence against women and children is a major public health problem that has had virtually no success at stopping the perpetrator. For the first time ever, this captivating TV series will use the Psychological Autopsy to enter the minds and the lives of the perpetrator to find out who he is, why he is violent and how to stop him before he kills her and the kids.

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