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Awareness Media, LLC

Entertainment on Purpose

Feature Films, Television & Documentaries


Chip Frye, President/CEO, Producer, Writer and Director

Sherrie Scott, Vice President, Producer, Writer, Director and Actress


Awareness Media, LLC is a humanitarian documentary film and television production company helmed by producers Chip Frye and Sherrie Scott, with over 35 years in the entertainment industry. They have written, produced and directed myriad film and TV projects for prominent national and international organizations such as the United Nations, International Red Cross, WHO, NGOs, governments and other humanitarian groups around the globe. 


For two years, their film The Price of Anything was featured by the United Nations for World Humanitarian Day in which Sherrie is feature actress. It was seen by millions worldwide on BBC World and was required viewing of the entire UN system by Secretary General Bon Ki-moon: One of their current film projects is for the UN World Humanitarian Summit 2016: They’re currently producing Silver Linings - Composing a Life about Positive Aging: that includes Age Talk: Other series they are also currently filming include Life and Death - Living Fully, Dying Well: Keep Her Safe: Inside the Mind of the Batterer: and Sherrie’s one woman musical, The Accidental Club: Murderous Minds  is another mainstream TV series they have developed and are resuming production with top experts in the fields of forensics to prevent homicide, suicide and suicide-terrorism. Chip and Sherrie have both had very successful acting careers in front of the camera, as well. Chip has guest starred on over 25 primetime TV series. Sherrie has had the leading role in numerous orignial musicals she co-wrote and other stage and film performances around the world.


Entertainment on Purpose

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